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Build secure, rock-solid software

GUARDARA is the most comprehensive negative testing / fuzz testing platform to hunt down bugs and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Test Web Services

GUARDARA identifies bugs and vulnerabilities in web services by performing static and dynamic tests based on the OpenAPI documentation of the service.

Test Web Applications

GUARDARA's Google Chrome extension allows testing web applications with ease. Start tests straight from the web browser, with just three clicks.

Test Custom / Proprietary

Most bugs and vulnerabilities live in the custom and proprietary layers of software. See how GUARDARA can help with testing such challenging applications.

  • Identified several Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities
  • Over 20% reduction in testing time
  • Improved Client NPS Scores from“Good” to “Excellent”

“We were really impressed by how accessible GUARDARA makes this kind of automated security testing. GUARDARA brings the expertise of a team of experienced vulnerability researchers into the hands of developers…”

3 simple steps and 5-10 minutes to get up and running.

  1. Download and extract the installer bundle.
  2. Start the installer script as root and wait until it completes.
  3. Visit in your browser.

Alternatively, learn how to perform an Unattended Deployment.

What's Next?

Visit the documentation to learn about the deployment options, creating test configurations and running tests.