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Execution and Reporting

Starting a Test

You can start tests from the Test Assets page of GUARDARA by clicking the blue "Start Test" button of a Project.

You can find the list of running tests on the Tests page, where you can pause/resume, stop, and delete tests and view their real-time status by clicking on the Show Details button of the test.


Each test run results in the generation of a new report. The reports are simple and focus heavily on the technical details. Therefore, the reports include information about the observed abnormal behaviour, the test case(es) that triggered the behaviour and the activity log.

The reports are accessible from:

  • The Test Assets page by clicking on the View Report button of a Project.
  • From the detailed test status page, by clicking on the Show Details button of a test on the Tests page. Please note that the View Report button is only visible if at least one issue was found.