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Transforms perform transformations on the value of Fields, including Groups. Fields can have any number of transforms attached.

The table below summarises the transforms supported by default.

Base64 EncodeBase64 encodes the value generated by the fields.
Hex StringEncodes value generated by the field into a hex string.
UnicodeEncodes into a Unicode string.
URL EncodeURL encodes value generated by the field.
Zlib CompressionCompresses the value generated by the field using Zlib.
IP Address to BinaryEncodes an IP address (e.g.: to its binary form (e.g.: \x7f\x00\x00\x01).
MAC Address to BinaryEncodes a MAC address to its binary form.
IPv4 ChecksumCalculates the IPv4 checksum of the group the transform is applied to.
Date FormatGenerates valid, up-to-date date/time string fields by assigning the transform to a Timestamp field.
Zero FillPrepends a field’s value with zeros (ASCII ‘0’).

Custom Transforms can be implemented using the SDK.