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5. Run Test

Start Testing

You can start your test by clicking the Start Test button of your Project on the Test Assets page. Running tests are listed on the Tests page. This is shown in the picture below.

View Running Tests

Please note that you may have to wait a couple of seconds for your test to appear on the page. The Tests page only gives a high-level overview of the progress of your test. If you want to see more details in real-time, click on the Eye icon of the test. You will be presented with the detailed test view shown below.

Test Activity

The details on this page are self-explanatory. Worth noting that you can stop, pause or resume the test at any time using the controls at the top-right corner of the screen. Next to these buttons, you may find a big red button in case there are any findings worth looking at.

You may have noticed that the information presented is organized using multiple tabs. The first tab is the Activity Log, where you can see all the activities the engine performed during the test run.

The Progress tab shows a list of Fields that are currently being tested.

Test Progress

The Test Summary tab lists all the tested fields, the number of test cases generated for each and the test results.

Test Summary

When the Target Performance Baselining and Monitoring feature is enabled for a Project, GUARDARA compares how long it takes to perform each action at the beginning of the test run. Then, a new finding is created in the report during test case generation if an action took longer than the threshold defined using the Report Threshold option. The Performance tab shows how each action performs in real-time compared to the recorded baseline.

Test Performance

This feature is handy for detecting performance issues that a malicious actor could abuse to trigger a denial of service condition.

Let's continue and take a look at the findings by clicking on the red Findings button at the top-right corner of the screen.