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1. Environment Setup

If you haven't installed the Manager yet, the Manager Installation section of the documentation will guide you through the process.

You will need Docker installed on a machine with an amd64 CPU to run the demo service provided. The test environment we are about to set up looks similar to what is shown in the diagram below.

Demo Environment

We will have an external GUARDARA Engine and the Demo container installed. Make sure your environment allows the Engine to communicate with the Demo container on the TCP ports 1883 and 19999.

Target Deployment

You can download a Docker image that has both the MQTT broker and GDB server installed and the container set up to start the GDB server automatically.

Issue the following command to download and start the demo container.

docker run \
-p \
-p \
-h demo_mq \
--restart always \
--cap-add=SYS_PTRACE \
--name demo_mq \
--disable-content-trust \


You may want to change which network interface to bind the ports 1883 (MQTT) and 19999 (GDB server) to prevent others from exploiting your container. The default is to bind the ports to all interfaces. (

External Engine Setup

Follow the instructions provided under the Manual Engine Deployment section of the Deployment page to set up an external engine. As you will be installing a Monitor extension, ensure you follow the instructions included under the Extension Support sub-section as well.

To keep things simple, you will want your Engine up and running before moving on to the next topic.